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About Us

Celtic Stationery the brain child of Colleen McEwan commenced production in the 1990s with the view to keep alive the Celtic heritage of many who although residents of Australia, their roots go back to the Celts. Accordingly, Colleen and husband Ian started to manufacture Celtic Stationery products.

The first commercial product was what is now the white Clan pad. An effective and powerful design, this product shows the clan Crest in maroon on a white linen paper. Celtic Stationery then began to market their products to a number of Scottish retailers throughout N.S.W. and Australia and more recently have expanded to provide products to our customers worldwide.

Approximately twenty years ago, in an effort to promote the product to a wider community, Celtic Stationery went on to market and sell the products at highland gatherings and Celtic fairs around the country. Since that time, Celtic Stationery has grown considerably and now provides a range of Celtic themed products, including a new range incorporating clan tartan as well as the clan crest.

In September 2008, Celtic Stationery purchased White Heather Highland Supplies, as Graham and Maureen have retired. White Heather has operated in N.S.W. for 50 years and their dedication to quality and service was second to none, the same attention and commitment to detail will be our priority at Celtic Stationery. We now carry the most comprehensive range of Piping and Drumming equipment and accessories, Highland Dress, General Gifts and souvenirs and look forward to providing the service that you’ve come to expect, over many years.