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Andante Bass Drum Series

We can supply Andante’s full range on request. Please contact us for prices and availability.

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Andante Percussion was formally established by Sam and Frank Hodgen in November 1986. The inspiration for the business came about when the pipe band Sam was Pipe Major of where having extreme problems with their drums as the structure of the drums were not strong enough to cope with the new woven Kevlar top playing head. Sam then looked at what was available on the market and found nothing with any improvement over what the band were already working with. As Sam has spent twenty years in engineering and design he then brought this to bear on the designing and manufacturing of a new drum.

Andantes intentions for the future is to continuously explore and advance the Percussion Instruments for Marching Bands.



  • Light Weight: The Andantes Bass Drums are constructed with four lightweight alloy extrusions retaining a non-porous acrylic or wooden shell which makes the drum extremely light and easy to carry.
  • There are 14 tension screws on each head.  This makes it easier to achieve even tension throughout the entire surface of the head.  Damping fitted and tuned by a meter.
  • Andante  Bass drums are designed to produce a sound that is in harmony with the drone section of the bagpipe, balancing the overall sound of the band thus enchancing the ensemble.
  • 3 Years Warranty: Rigorous quality control checks at each stage of production ensures the continuity of excellence and reliability.Contact us for colour choices.
  • Comes with carry case.

Range of Bass Drums…

MODEL                 HEAD SIZE               DRUM LENGTH                  WEIGHT

201                            28″                               12″                        13lb/5.89kg

202                            28″                               14″                        13.6lb/6.11kg

203                            28″                               18″                        15lb/6.08kg

204                            24″                               12″                        11.5lb/5.23kg

205                            24″                               14″                        12.3lb/5.59kg

206                            24″                               18″                        13.5lb/6.14kg